Algebra and Substructural Logics - take 5

13-16 December 2014, La Trobe University, Franklin Street Campus, Melbourne

Algebra & Substructural Logics is a workshop on algebraic structures related to substructural logics. It is the fifth in the series, held irregularly but frequently enough for participants to remember the previous one. This time it took five years, but finally there it is: AsubL5 will be held in Melbourne on 13-16 December 2014, and hosted by

La Trobe University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The workshop venue will be Franklin Street Campus, located in the centre of Melbourne.

Substructural logics, named thus because when formulated as Gentzen systems they lack one or more structural rules, have been intensively studied over the past two decades by logicians of various persuasions, mathematicians and computer scientists. Universal algebraic methods have proved useful in providing a unifying framework for these investigations: surprisingly, not only for the semantical aspects, but for the proof theory as well. Previous AsubL workshops have played an important role in these developments. We hope that the present, fifth, instalment will be no different.