Local information

  • If you will be arriving from overseas to attend AsubL5, it is likely that you will need some kind of visa arrangement organised before you travel: the only real exceptions to this are those of you travelling on Australian or New Zealand passports. Visit this website for information that will help you decide what is the appropriate form of visa. Follow the links starting from "Visit Australia".

  • Good cheap (AUD 18) connection from Tullamarine Airport to Melbourne City is via SkyBus, which takes you to Southern Cross Station. For SkyBus passengers there is a free hotel transfer service operating between Southern Cross Station and most hotels in Melbourne City, including Arrow on Swanston, where the participans will be staying. For comparison, a taxi from the airport to City would cost about AUD 50.

  • To use public transport in Melbourne you will need to purchase a travel card called myki. It costs AUD 6 and can be bought at train stations and some tram stops from large contraptions called myki machines. Using the same contraptions you top up your myki, that is, put some money on it. It is also possible to buy and top up myki cards at post offices and some shops (see here for more). On board trams and buses, and at entrances to train stations there are myki readers, which you touch with your myki to pay the fare. Two-hour full fare on trams and buses is roughly AUD 3.50, on trains it is AUD 6. To get the lowest fare on buses and trains you need to touch the reader again when you get off (the ever helpful Public Transport Victoria calls it the three T: top up, touch on, touch off). On trams you do not need to touch off, you get the lowest fare just by touching on.

  • There will be an informal registration and drinks on Saturday (13 December, 5pm to 7pm) night at the John Curtin Hotel pub, 29 Lygon Street Carlton. The official registration will be at the workshop venue on Monday (15 December, 8.30am) morning. As you may have noticed, between the informal Saturday and formal Monday, there is Sunday (many things are different Down Under, but this is not). Sunday programme will be announced in due course.

  • During the week preceding AsubL5, from 8 to 12 December 2014, Melbourne University will be hosting the 8th Australia - New Zealand Mathematics Convention. AsubL 5 is a satellite workshops of this meeting.

  • Immediately after AsubL5, from 17 to 19 December 2014, the University of Sydney will be hosting a workshop on vagueness via nonclassical logics. Some participants of AsubL5 are planning to attend it.

  • A map showing the venue (Franklin Street), accommodation (Arrow on Swanston), and the pub for welcoming drinks (John Curtin Hotel) is here.

  • A vegetarian eating guide to Melbourne is here. For non-vegetarians a good place to start is Lygon Street: it has a variety of restaurants, including Italian, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, and vaguely "ethnic".

  • For coffee, an all-important part of life as we know, here are some suggestions.

  • Internet access is typically not free at Australian hotels, including Arrow on Swanston. All participants will have wireless internet access (eduroam, and a native La Trobe wireless) at the conference venue. For other participants who need to use the net extensively and wish to avoid excessive costs, we suggest visiting State Library of Victoria. Open till 9pm on weekdays it is one of Melbourne attractions in itself, provides free wireless and a rather pleasant work environment.

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